Can I keep items in the packages?

Unfortunately not! All of our items are RENTAL ONLY and must be returned after your shower.

Do you setup the packages for me?

I wish I could, but no! In order to keep our showers budget friendly, our packages are self-setup! But we've made it easy for you with pictures showing exactly how the decor should be arranged. 

Can we pick and choose items from multiple packages?

Unfortunately not! All of our package items have been handpicked by Ally to achieve a specific look and theme, so we have to keep all items in complete packages.

Do you deliver? 

We offer free delivery within 15 miles of our business address! Anything over 15 miles will require a delivery fee. (limited to the greater Phoenix area) 

How long are package rentals?

Package rentals are 72 hours. Package pickup and/or dropoff and return are at prearranged times the day before and after the shower.

Is there a deposit? What if something breaks?

A $50 retainer is due upon booking, and deducted from final payment. Additionally a credit card number/id is required at time of rental. Any items not returned or returned damaged may be charged within a 48 hr window, pending package inspection. 

What's your cancellation policy?

A non refundable $50 retainer to hold your date is due at the time of booking. This deposit is forfeited upon cancellation unless canceled within 2 weeks of the shower date.

I have a bride who wants specific colors. Do you offer different color combinations?

The colors in our kits are set, however you are more than welcome to add your own elements to any of the packages to bring in your own colors! The CLASSIC+ELEGANT package was created to give brides a neutral canvas if specific colors are wanted. Add your colors with flowers, balloons, tablecloths etc.

Is there anything I need to add myself to finish the packages? Whats not included?

Everything needed for your decor is included in your package, i.e. vases, garlands, signs, banners, candlesticks, candles (real and led), flowers (real and silk), cake stands, table runners, two bridal shower games, etc.  Showers by Ally packages DO NOT include any type of furniture, food, utensils/serving-ware, dishes, tableclothes, etc. Any other questions about what is/is not included please reach out to contact@showersbyally.com . 

What is the value of your packages? Why should I rent?

All of our packages are valued at $1000+, so renting them for $295 is quite a bargain! Renting makes your life easier by saving you the time of shopping multiple stores, making signs/banners, and leaving you with a bunch of stuff  you have no need for after the shower! Renting also gives you the ability to have a fully decorated shower rather than spending the same amount of money for a quarter of the decor you'll get with one of our packages. 

How do the customized chalkboards work?

Each of our packages come with one large chalkboard with our standard "Welcome to ....'s Bridal/Baby Shower". Each package has it's own specific chalkboard frame and font to match the style of the package. This is included in the package price along with the large easel.