why rent?

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It all started when...

It's more than just borrowing items...
There are other perks as well!

- save time//

Save yourself the time and trips to MULTIPLE  stores. Ally's packages are shopped from 6+ stores and additional online purchases! Also, save yourself the many hours put into crafting banners, signs, chalkboards, etc.

-Save money//

All of our packages are valued at $1000+. Decor can get expensive, quickly! Get more for your money by renting one of our packages, and stay in budget!

Are you part of a bridal party? Split the cost of renting one of our packages and save even more!

-no design stress//

Pinterest can become overwhelming! There are too many amazing styles to choose from, and how do you pick just one? How do you take 20+ of your favorite, pinned photos and create a shower out of them? We've done it all for you! Let Ally do the design work, all you have to do is follow the picture setup! 

-after the shower//

If you were to buy on your own, likely you would spend a ton of money on all this bridal shower decor, then what? Do you try to spend your free time selling it, and for a fraction of the original cost? You probably don't want to decorate your house with bridal shower decor. By renting one of our packages, there's no need to fret about selling or storing. Simply package it back up, and bring it back!